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Bach: Complete Organ Works Vol. 4
Toccatas and Fugues / Individual Works - with CD-ROM - ed. by Jean-Claude Zehnder

Eagerly anticipated

The first two Bach volumes (5 and 6) were enthusiastically acclaimed by experts. Harald Vogel, for example, wrote: “This is how I’ve always imagined a good Bach edition.” And since the expectations keep growing, the benchmark has been raised very high for Volume 4, “Toccatas (and Fugues),” which contains the famous D-minor Toccata BWV 565. The editor of Volume 4, the Swiss organist Jean-Claude Zehnder, has amply proven his mettle as a Bach specialist here. Of particular interest in this book is the Canzona in d BWV 588. Written before 1707, this early work is found in a contemporary copy by Johann Gottlieb Preller with embellishments, fingerings and a closing cadenza; this version is printed in the Appendix. The enclosed CD-ROM contains early versions, further ornamented versions, and pieces that can clearly no longer be attributed to Bach.

Important Note for MAC users

The version of the Edirom program delivered on CD can only run on Apple computers under the current operating system Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard).

The installation of the Bach volume on Intel-based 64-bit-capable processors with Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) systems is only possible with an update which you can download here (c. 150 KB).

Due to outdated Java versions, older operating systems (Mac OS X 10.4, Tiger) unfortunately cannot be supported.
Table des matières
1 Toccata in C BWV 564
2 Toccata et Fuga in d BWV 538 (early and ornamented version on CD-ROM)
3 Toccata et Fuga in d BWV 565
4 Toccata et Fuga in F BWV 540
5 Passacaglia in c BWV 582 (ornamented version on CD-ROM)
6 Passacaglia in c BWV 582 (early version)
7 Sonata in D BWV 963
8 Allabreve in D BWV 589
9 Canzona in d BWV 588 (ornamented version with fingering in the appendix)
10 Capriccio (in honorem Johann Christoph Bachii) BWV 993 (ornamented version and version in F on CD-ROM)
11 Pastorella BWV 590
12 Pièce d’Orgue à 5 BWV 572
13 Pièce d’Orgue à 5 BWV 572 (early version)
14 Praeludium in a BWV 569
15 Pedal-Exercitium BWV 598 (in the appendix)
16 Kleines harmonisches Labyrinth BWV 591 (authorship unproven, on CD-ROM)
17 Präludium in G BWV 568 (authorship unproven, on CD-ROM)

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