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A fresh approach

saxophone - English - German - French

author: Vinall, Graeme
author: Kember, John
cover design and layout: Hay, Adam
Vol. 1
Éditeur: Schott Music

Série: Schott Sight Reading Series
Difficulté: easy to interme
pages: 100

'Saxophone Sight-Reading 1' aims to establish good practice and provide an early introduction to the essential skill of sight-reading. Sight-reading in some form should become a regular part of a student's routine each time they get out the saxophone, and this book aims to establish the habit early in a student's learning process.

There are 8 sections, which in a logical sequence gradually introduce new notes, rhythms, articulations, dynamics and Italian terms - much as you would find in a beginner's saxophone method. The emphasis is on providing idiomatic tunes and structures rather than sterile sight-reading exercises. Each section contains several solo examples, beginning with only three notes, and concludes with duets and accompanied pieces, allowing the student to gain experience of sight-reading within the context of ensemble playing.

- Preface
- To the pupil: why sight-reading?
- Section 1 Notes G to D
- Solos
- Duets
- Accompanied pieces
- Section 2: Notes lower E to upper E; slurs and ties
- Solos
- Duets
- Accompanied pieces
- Section 3: New keys, dynamics and performance directions; quavers and dotted crotchets
- Solos
- Duets
- Accompanied pieces
- Section 4: Compound time
- Solos
- Duets
- Accompanied pieces
- Section 5: Extending the range, 5/4-time and minor keys
- Solos
- Duets
- Accompanied pieces
- Section 6: Syncopations and swing rhythms; new keys of Bb major and E minor
- Solos
- Duets
- Accompanied pieces
- Section 7: Extending the range to two octaves (lower C to upper C); G minor and A major
- Solos
- Duets
- Accompanied pieces
- Glossary
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