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ZEN-ON G-1A BRESSAN Baroque Alto Recorder

Material: ABS Resin
Arched windway
Weight: 190g
Included: Fingering chart, Joint grease, Cleaning rod, Thumbrest, Soft case

The G-1A is based on the original recorder at A=410Hz.
Its pitch is more than a half tone lower than the modern pitch.
Adjusting the instrument for modern pitch is one of the most important parts in this development project.
It is easy just to work out the figures based on the reduction scale, but in reality, there are many factors you cannot just work out from overall scale, such as complex bore shape, tone hole undercutting and the shape of the windway.
To overcome these challenges, we had to rely on the empirical rule we had leant from numerous trials and errors.
In addition, as recorders vary a lot depending on their pitch, a deep understanding of the original instrument is required in order to achieve the right condition.
We believe that this newly developed G-1A is the best modern Bressan model that we can hope for, with all our experience and knowledge poured into it.
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