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Natal Standard Series Hardware is designed and built to the same high standard as Pro; in fact, unlike most other drum manufacturers, it is made in the same factory as Pro Series.

It is lighter weight, without compromising build strength; this makes transporting it less of a hassle and easier on your back, and of course Standard Series is easier on your budget too.

The Standard Series Boom Stand is designed with many of the same features as the Pro: double braced legs, disappearing boom arm and branded wing nuts.

The Standard Series Boom is a scaled down version of the Pro. This means that you get a lighter more affordable stand with the same high build quality; in fact, as with all Standard hardware and unlike other hardware manufacturers, the Standard Series and Pro Series Boom stands are produced alongside each other in the same factory.


1. Non-slip rubber feet
2. Double braced
3. Natal Memory locks
4. Disappearing boom arm
5. Heavy Duty

Riferimento contrassegnatoPNA H-ST-BS
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