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70 movie themes arranged for solo Piano.


Andante/Reflection (Waltz With Bashir) [Richter, Max]
Anthem (Top Gun) [Faltermeyer, Harold]
Assassin's Tango (Mr. And Mrs. Smith) [Powell, John]
Benjamin And Daisy (The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button) [Desplat, Alexandre]
Blood Simple (Blood Simple) [Burwell, Carter]
Blues For Guylaine (Le Jeu De La Verite) [Hossein, Andre]
Closing Titles (Insomnia) [Julyan, David]
Dawn/Going To School (Genova) [Parmenter, Melissa]
Death And Transfiguration (Hancock) [Powell, John]
DMI Thing In Which New Inforamtion Is Introduced/Piano One (Synecdoche, New York) [Brion, Jon]
Eli's Theme (Let The Right One In) [Soderqvist, Johan]
End Credits (Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid) [Rozsa, Miklos]
End Credits (The Big Sleep) [Fielding, Jerry]
End Title (The International) [Muse]
Eternal Vow (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) [Tan Dun]
Fear And Passion (Sea Of Love) [Jones, Trevor]
Fisherman's Song Of The East China Sea (Kung Fu Hustle) [Long, Ma Sheng] [Ren, Gu Guan]
Fly A Kite/Reading The Letter (The Kite Runner) [Inglesias, Alberto]
Harvey's Last Day (Milk) [Elfman, Danny]
In The Library (Easy Virtue) [De Vries, Marius]
It's A Long Road (First Blood) [Goldsmith, Jerry]
It's Caper Time: Self Preservation Society (The Italian Job) [Jones, Quincy]
Latika's Theme (Slumdog Millionaire) [Rahman, Allah Rakha]
Lear Crash (Con Air) [Rabin, Trevor] [Mancina, Mark]
Looking For Johnny/Johnny Favourite (Angel Heart) [Jones, Trevor]
Love Theme/Jake And Evelyn (Chinatown) [Goldsmith, Jerry]
Main Theme (The Ususal Suspects) [Ottman, John]
Main THeme/Hotel Lobby (Rebecca) [Waxman, Franz]
Main Theme/Trish (The LAst Seduction) [Vitarelli, Joseph]
Main Title Theme (Force Of Evil) [Raskin, David]
Main Title Theme (Gilda) [Friedhofer, Hugo]
Main Title Theme (In A Lonely Place) [Antheil, George]
Main Title Theme (Sweet Smell OF Success) [Bernstein, Elmer]
Main Title Theme (The Lady From Shanghai) [Roemheld, Heinz]
Main Title Theme (Touch Of Evil) [Mancini, Henry]
Main Title/End Title (Speed) [Mancina, Mark]
Main Titles/Atonement (The Bourne Supremecy/The Bourne Identity) [Powell, John]
Main Titles/End Credits (True Lies) [Gardel, Carlos] [Fiedel, Brad]
Marlowe's Theme (Farewell, My Lovely) [Shire, David]
Minimal 4/Minimal 8 (Blindness) [Guimaraes, Marco Antonio]
Mrs. Dietrichson/ The Conspiracy (Double Indemnity) [Rosza, Miklos]
Mulholland Drive/Love Theme (Mulholland Drive) [Badalamenti, Angelo]
Mysteries Of Love (Blue Velvet) [Badalamenti, Angelo]
Now We Are Free (Gladiator) [Zimmer, Hans] [Gerrard, Lisa] [Badelt, Klaus]
Prelude (Cape Fear) [Herrmann, Bernard]
Prologue/Walking In Bruges/Ray At The Mirror (In Bruges) [Burwell, Carter]
Ready For The Big Ride, Bubba (Face/Off) [Powell, John]
Salvation (Terminator Salvation) [Elfman, Danny]
Sebastian (Brideshead Revisited) [Johnston, Adrian]
Show Me Your Firetruck [Zimmer, Hans]
Sunset Boulevard Cast (Sunset Boulevard) [Waxman, Franz]
Surrender (Tomrrow Never Dies) [Arnold, David]
Tagaki Dies (Die Hard) [Kamen, Michael]
Telstar (Telstar) [Meek, Joe]
That New Car Smell (Star Trek) [Giacchino, Michael]
The Big Fat Kill (Sin City) [Debney, John]
The Egg/Cycling Holiday (The Reader) [Muhly, Nico]
The Shower (Dressed To Kill) [Donaggio, Pino]
The Trial Of Ed Crane (The Man Who Wasn't There) [Burwell, Carter]
The Victor (L.A. Confidential) [Goldsmith, Jerry]
Theme (Armageddon) [Rabin, Trevor]
Theme (the Rock) [Smith, Nicholas Glennie] [Zimmer, Hans]
Then We Are Together (Let The Right One In) [Soderqvist, Johan]
Title Theme (A Fistful Of Dollars) [Morricone, Ennio]
Title Theme (Goldfinger) [Barry, John]
Title Theme (Live and Let Die) [McCartney, Paul] [McCartney, Linda]
Title Theme (Mission: Impossible) [Schifrin, Lalo] [Elfman, Danny]
Victoria And Albert (The Young Victoria) [Eshkeri, Ilan]
Walter's Etude No.1 (The Visitor) [Kaczmarek, Jan Andrzej Pawe?]
Welcome Aboard, Sir (Air Force One) [Goldsmith, Jerry]
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