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- Over The Rainbow - "Wizard of Oz"
- Jack Sparrow - "Pirates of Carribbean"
- Aria from Lucia di Lammermoor - "The Fifth Element"
- A Night on Bare Mountain - "Fantasia", "Jabberwocky", Saturday Night Fever"
- Hungarian Dance "The Great Dictator"
- Clair de Lune - "Cast Away", "Ocean's eleven", "Seven Years in Tibet"
- Mission Impossible
- La Musica Notturna Delle Strade di Madrid - "Master and Commander"
- On the Beautiful Blue Danube - "2001 A Space Odyssee"

George Speckert’s edition presents film themes in easy attractive arrangements for violin and piano.

Besides top titles by Hans Zimmer, Lalo Shifrin and Harold Arlen, the volume includes classical themes that have gained popularity through their use in films, for example Johannes Brahms‘ Hungarian Dance memorably used in “The Great Dictator” as well as Johann Strauss‘ “The Blue Danube” used in “2001 – A Space Odyssey”. Less well-known is the fact that Walt Disney was praised for his masterly use of classical music in one of his first full-length films, “Fantasia”, and that Stanley Kubrick also used great classical works very effectively in practically all his films. The melodies in this edition are easy to sight-read and are certainly fun to play.

From the contents
Melodies from “Mission Impossible”, “The Fifth Element”, “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Fantasia”, “2001 – A Space Odyssey”, “The Great Dictator”, and others

The arranger
George Speckert is renowned for his arrangements and compositions for numerous Bärenreiter editions. He is a composer, author and teacher for multi-media production as well as e-learning.

Edition no.: BA 10605
ISMN: 9790006541928
Volume / Series: Ready to Play
Editor: Speckert, George A.
Language(s) of text: German, English
Product format: Performance score(s) (2), Anthology
Includes the following individual parts: Violin, Piano
Binding: Stapled
Pages / Format: 19/16 S. - 30,0 x 23,0 cm
Riferimento contrassegnatoBA10605
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