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Media Type : DVD
Level : Advanced
Musical Genre : Contemporary
Series : Modern Method

The Modern Drum Method DVD illustrates the most fundamental and musical drumming techniques from holding the sticks to performing with a band! It is intended as an accompaniment resource that covers many concepts first introduced in the Modern Drum Method Books Volumes 1-3. This DVD can help simplify and improve your fundamentals, sound production and musicality. Throughout, Steve explains each drumming topic as if he were teaching a private lesson. The Modern Drum Method DVD Includes: --Fundamental techniques for the hands and feet to include accenting approaches such as The Level System and The Moeller Method --In depth explanation of musical notation with note and rest value exercises to help promote reading ability --Ideas for using a metronome to improve time keeping skills --Views on tuning and selecting drum heads and cymbals --Wire brush technique with demonstrations of (8) different brush diagrams in varying musical styles --Thoughts on drum set improvisation including (4) extended drum solos --Two in studio performances with a jazz trio and 17 piece big band
Riferimento contrassegnatoMLB21517DVD
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