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A concise summary of the materials and techniques needed to play jazz. After 25 years of teaching, Dan has made available this wonderful "pocket sized" resource detailing the materials and techniques needed to play jazz. Includes chapters on chords & chord symbols, voicings, blues, functions, II/V/IS, guide tones, and more! Over 90 pages. This book is inteded to be put into a pocket, backpack or instrument case and carried around with you for quick reference any time it is needed. There are many ways to use the book for daily practice and study or as a quick reference. You do ot need to go through it in any particular order. Until all of the information you need as a player is learned, it's all readily available in this book. Use the bookas a dictionary to look up some scale and chord that you are less familiar with. Use the appendixes for daily practice since it is easy to have the book with you anywhere you may be.
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