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Instrument/Discipline : Chant/Guitare
Style/Genre : Rock
Support : Livre
Auteur/Compositeur : NIRVANA

Livre de poche qui regroupe toutes les chansons de Nirvana. Vous y retrouverez tous les accords de guitare (symboles et grilles d'accords) ainsi que les paroles complètes.

Contenu :
(New Wave) Polly; About A Girl; Aero Zeppelin; Ain't It A Shame; All Apologies; Aneurysm; Anorexorcist; Beans; Been A Son; Beeswax; Big Cheese; Big Long Now; Blandest; Blew; Breed; Clean Up Before She Comes; Come As You Are; Curmudgeon; D7; Dive; Don't Want It All; Do-re-mi; Downer; Drain You; Dumb; Endless, Nameless; Even In His Youth; Floyd The Barber; Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle; Gallons Of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through The Strip; Grey Goose; Hairspray Queen; Heart-shaped Box; Help Me I'm Hungry; I Hate Myself And To Die; If You Must; In Bloom; Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam; Lake Of Fire; Lithium;; Lounge Act; Love Buzz; Marigold; Mexican Seafood; Milk It; Moist Vagina; Molly's Lips; Mr. Moustache; Mrs. Butterworth; Negative Creep; Oh The Guilt; Oh, Me; Old Age; On A Plain; Opinion; Paper Cuts; Pay To Play; Pen Cap Chew; Penny Royal Tea; Plateau; Radio Friendly Unit Shifter; Rape Me; Raunchola/Moby Dick; Return Of The Rat; Sappy; Scentless Apprentice; School; Scoff; Serve The Servants; Sifting; Sliver; Smells Like Teen Spirit; Something In The Way; Son Of A Gun; Spank Thru; Stain; Stay Away; Swap Meet; Territorial Pissings; The Man Who Sold The World; The Other Improv; They Hung Him On A Cross; Token Eastern Song; Tourette's; Turnaround; Verse Chorus Verse; Very Ape; Where Did You Sleep Last Night?; White Lace And Strange; You Know You're Right
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