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The opera from "Lets make an Opera. An Entertainment for Young People"

Instrumentation : soloists, choir, string quartet, piano (4-händig) and percussion
Version : vocal/piano score
Description :
This opera is the final section of the entertainment for young people called Lets Make an Opera. The first section of this is in the form of a play and illustrates the preparation and rehearsal of an opera.Professionals or very gifted amateurs are needed to play the grown-up parts and also the part of Juliet (provided, of course, that she can look convincingly youthful). It is essential that real children should play the children’s parts. The accompaniment is for solo string quartet, piano-duet (four hands on one piano) and percussion (one player can manage). The string parts are not very easy. The songs Nos. I, IX, XIV and XVII are to be sung by the whole audience under the direction of the conductor. They must, of course, be rehearsed beforehand. Allowance is made for such rehearsal in Part One of Lets Make an Opera.Nombre de pages : 88
Langue : English
Format : New Edition portrait
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