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The interest in China has been great even before the country was selected to host the Olympic Games 2008. For years, Chinese music has become more and more popular, especially China's charming and varied folk music. With 'Melodies of China', Schott now presents collections of Chinese folk songs for various instruments. The songs in every volume have been arranged for the respective instruments by a Chinese expert arranger. The accompanying CD helps you to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of Chinese music and offers you the possibility to play along with the recordings.

- The Bright Red Maiden (Folk Music from Han Nationality in Inner Mongolia)
- Meeting at the Auball (Music by Tong Fu)
- Pick up the Betel Palm (Folk Music from Hunan Province)
- A Half Moon Shines in the Sky (Folk Music from Uygur Minority)
- Weave a Basket of Flowers (Folk Music from Henan Province)
- The Carrying Pole (Folk Music from Sichuan Province)
- Autumn Harvest (Folk Music from Shaanxi Province)
- Go to Jiangzhou (Folk Music from Shaanxi Province)
- Blank Bamboo Tune (Folk Music from Kaingsu Province)
- Very Glad to See the Sun Rising (Folk Music from Sichuan Province)
- Madam Meng Jiang Carrying Face to the Great Wall (Folk Music from Kiangsu Province)
- Kangding Love Song (Folk Music from Sichuan Province)
- Selling Tang Yuan (Folk Music from Taiwan)
- Alamuhanrh (Folk Music from Uygur Minority)
- Embroidering a Silk Banner with Words of Gold (Folk Music from Shaanxi Province)
- Jasmine (Folk Music from Kiangsu Province)
- Ga Da Mei Lin (Folk Music from Uygur Minority)
- Why Are the Flowers So Red (Folk Music from Tajik Minority)
- Morningstar Lily Bloom with Brilliant Red Colour (Folk Music from Shaanxi Province)
- Running Water of the Rivers (Folk Music from Northeast China)
- The Miao Ridges in the Morning (Folk Music from Miao Minority, music by Bai Chengren)
- "Ian Hua Hua" Theme and Variations (Folk Music from Shaanxi Province)
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