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Muzio Clementi is acknowledged as one of the first true celebrated virtuosos of the Piano. A prolific composer and esteemed Piano teacher, Clementi's music and playing would influence Beethoven, Mozart and many other musicians. Composing over 100 Piano Sonatas, his work helped define the Sonata-Allegro form and its internal, three-part structure of exposition, development and recapitulation - a form that remains a vital part of composition and music teaching today. There are echoes of Clementi's melodies in both Beethoven's 3rd Symphony 'Eroica' Mozart's The Magic Flute, and the composer's melodic invention provides a significant bridge between the Classical and Romantic eras.

This authoritative volume, part of Schirmer's Library Of Musical Classics, features 6 Sonatinas and 18 Sonatas by Clementi for the Piano, edited by Giuseppe Buonamici and Louis Kohler.


Sonata In A Op.33 No.1
Sonata In B Flat Op.12 No.1
Sonata In B Flat Op.24 No.2
Sonata In B Flat Op.4 No.5
Sonata In B Minor Op.40 No.2
Sonata In C Op.2 No.2
Sonata In C Op.33 No.3
Sonata In C Op.34 No.1
Sonata In C Op.4 No.3
Sonata In D Op.25 No.6
Sonata In D Op.4 No.1
Sonata In D Op.40 No.3
Sonata In E Flat Op.4 No.2
Sonata In F Op.33 No.2
Sonata In F Op.4 No.6
Sonata In F Sharp Minor Op.25 No.5
Sonata In G Op.4 No.4
Sonata In G Op.40 No.1
Sonatina In C Op.36 No.1
Sonatina In C Op.36 No.3
Sonatina In D Op.36 No.6
Sonatina In F Op.36 No.4
Sonatina In G Op.36 No.2
Sonatina In G Op.36 No.5
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