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Whistles go all around the world! Every country on the planet has some kind of whistle or flute in its traditional music legacy. This unique book gathers together 50 whistle melodies and explores a rich variety of international playing styles and techniques. From Bosnia to Brittany and from Turkey to Thailand, here are some of the world's greatest tunes for whistles, flutes and pipes.

All tunes are arranged for pennywhistle in D, and are playable on any other similar whistle or concert flute. Also included are chord symbols for piano or guitar and informative notes about the music and local genres.


Achachau (Peru)
Al Ya Zane (Syria)
Bwalobera Nkere (Uganda)
Cancao A Lua (Portugal)
Daramad (Iran)
Das Wandern Ist Des Mullers Lust (Germany)
Dennis Mcgee's Two-step
Down Along The Mother Volga (Russia)
El Tecolote (Mexico)
Elenke (Bulgaria)
Farewell Tae Kemper
Fishing Song From Haragama (Japan)
Harom Pohar (Hungary)
Haste To The Wedding (Ireland)
Hua-hua'i (United States)
Kimiad Ar Soudard Yaouank (Brittany)
Kolo (Bosnia)
La Gozadera (Dominican Republic)
La Guaracha (Cuba)
L'avvelenato (Italy)
Le Petit Homme (France)
Lonesome Flute (Native American: Yuchi)
Man Paman Goejang Djarang (Indonesia)
Mataron A Elena (Puerto Rico)
Muiniera D'a Fonte (Spain)
Ngam Sang Duan (Thailand)
Ngoma Kurila (South Africa)
Nu Ar Det Jul Igen (Sweden)
Olurombi (Nigeria)
Oyun Havasi (Turkey)
Pauline Mineure (Congo)
Pinnal Kolattam (India)
Podkoweczki Dajcie Ognia (Poland)
Rainbow Cradle Song (Native American: Navaho)
Shpilt-zhe Mir Dem Nayem Sher (Romania)
Song Of The Four Seasons (China)
Sur La Riviere (Canada)
Te Kieldrecht (Netherlands)
The Flying Cloud (England)
The Girl I Left Behind Me (United States)
The Greenland Man's Tune
The Sweet Primroses (Wales)
The Wallaby Track (Australia)
Tingalayo (Trinidad)
Un Tamborito (Panama)
Waiata Aroha (New Zealand)
Where Shall I Be? (United States)
Zemer Lach (Israel)
Zing-za (Brazil)

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