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61 keys arranger keyboard

Keyboard covering 5 octaves, perfect to start studying music, especially with the dynamic response keys.
Thanks to its standard USB port, the Eagletone MPW300 possesses a single function for direct connection to a computer.

This keyboard is easy to use, and has advanced features especially suitable for self-taught beginners. No matter how old you are, you will really enjoy playing on this keyboard as it provides outstanding accompaniment styles, expressive tones and real-time recording. Other features, such as numbered musical notation display, a chord dictionary and a variety of preset songs will help you improve your playing technique.

Technical specifications:

- 61 dynamic response keys
- Operation: Selection of sounds, styles and preset songs is achieved via the digital keypad and the (+/yes)/(-/no) keys. Functions are: transpose, octave shift, measure selection, split keyboard point, MIDI, accompaniment volume, bank selection.
- Polyphony: 32 simultaneous notes
- Sounds: 157 sounds in total, including 128 GM sounds, 6 percussion sounds and 23 synthetiser sounds
- Styles: 100 rhythmic styles, 10 of which are piano styles
- Preset tunes 100 tunes in total, each with its own learning mode.
- Tune lessons: 3 ways to study the tunes Lesson 1, Lesson 2, Lesson 3. This keyboard also offers another assessment feature in the three learning modes to help you assess your progress.
- Chord modes: Chords are recognized in simplified or normal fingering modes.
- Chord dictionary: provides users with information on chords.
- Recording feature
- Style control: synchronized start, launching/stop, main theme/transition, intro/outro. Other features: Piano, layer voice, sustain, OTS key selection, recording, demonstration, dynamic range, metronome, USB, etc...
- Connexions: DC 12V (AD2) power adapter INCLUDED, pedal, headphones, USB port
- Dimensions: 94.9 x 35 x 13,6 cm - Weight: 4.7 kg
- Speakers : 2X3 Watts
- Accessories included: music rest, power adapter
- USB cable not included
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