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preço Woodbrass


Media Type : Book
Level : Intermediate-Advanced
Musical Genre : Contemporary
Number of pages : 57

This concerto for guitar and orchestra was composed by Ernesto Cordero, one of Puerto Rico's outstanding contemporary composers. The pastoral first movement portrays the idyllic Antillean landscape using a combination of continental Spanish and Antillean Spanish Creole influences, which are most discernible in the lush, romantic cadenza. The second movement is distinguished by the alternation of two melodies: one, a melody blending a number of ancient influences, and the second distinctly Cuban in nature. This movement was inspired by the peaceful summer calm of the Antillean seas. The third movement is the only one in the work to draw directly on Puerto Rican folklore, quoting a fragment of the seis milonga, a traditional dance. This excerpt is united in this movement with its familiar Argentinean counterpart. The last movement is the most challenging movement of the three for the guitar soloist, demanding a nearly virtuosic performance. The full score calls for flute, oboe, clarinet in B-flat, bassoon, horn in F, trumpet in B-flat, timpani, and strings in addition to the guitar soloist. Orchestral parts are available for rental from the publisher. This conductor's score is 60 large-format (13.75" x 10.25") pages. View a listing of performances of this work
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