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Traditional Songs from Québec for English-Speakers is a collection of 25 hand-picked, powerful, and gorgeous songs. They range from rousing and rollicking to exquisite and heartbreaking and from widely-known to rare gems of the repertoire. Each song is presented in French as well as in singable English with well-crafted lyrics, and each is accompanied by an introduction that adds to an appreciation and understanding of its background. Additionally, each song includes transcriptions of the melody, as well as two interlocking, optional harmonies that can be used singly or together. Both singers and a wide variety of instrumentalists can use these beautiful arrangements (and may find helpful the 100 free recordings of them with the melody and harmonies, together and separately, on the web.) The book's introduction gives a brief, historical overview of Québécois traditional songs, as well as a guide to the use of the book and playing of the songs. In the back of the book, you'll find lists of all the recordings and books referenced within, plus lists of festivals, camps, and gatherings where you can enjoy, hear, learn, and share in some of Québec's rich store of traditional music.
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