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Sound and Articulation

Instrument : clarinet
Nombre de Pages : 128

With 'Clarinet Fundamentals', Reiner Wehle presents a three-volume basic work for the study of the clarinet. Volume 1 deals with sound exercises and articulation, including themes such as 'Practising' and 'The clarinet reed'. Volumes 2 and 3 deal with 'Fingering technique and dexterity' as well as 'Intonation'. The annotated list of references (sheet music and books) shall encourage further studies.

Reiner Wehle has given numerous master classes, is a sought-after jury member at renowned competitions, and has been professor at the Music Academy of Lübeck since 1993.

Content :
Preface - About practising - Breathing and posture - Legato exercises: - One finger - two fingers - Three or four fngers - Cross-hand fingerings - ab', a' and bb' key - First change of register - High register - Difficult fingerings - Basset clarinet, bass clarinet, basset horn - Sound exercises - Articulation: - Exercises for single tonguing - Exercises for double tounging - The clarinet reed - Recommended reading/playing
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