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Tilmann Dehnhard: A String of Thoughts for flute and piano | UE36747

“A String of Thoughts” by Tilmann Dehnhard is a challenging new work for students of the flute interested in mastering modern playing techniques.

Tilmann Dehnhard’s “A String of Thoughts” is a challenging new work for flute and piano. It makes use of several modern playing techniques covered in Dehnhard’s book “The New Flute” and also those touched upon in his previous publication “Flutebeatboxing”.
Glissandi, sing-and-play, bisbigliandi and reverse sound are all included, along with some thought-provoking ideas for the pianist! Students with a good grasp of conventional technique will relish the chance to get to grips with these new ideas or perhaps use the piece for college entry audition.
Marken Referenznummer:UE36747
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