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Main characteristics: - UHF band, PLL phase locked circuit, stable characteristics, low harmonic radiation. - Frequency group design, several predefined groups are compatible with the frequency of use. - Tuning bandwidth of up to 50 MHz for up to 2000 switchable frequencies (depending on the region). - Large LCD screen. - 1U chassis with rack mounting kit. - 2 separate antennas for better reception - Independent balanced XLR outputs - Balanced jack output of the Mix Out type - ACT function: wireless synchronization of the transmitter is carried out via the infrared interface. - Frequency response range from 50Hz to 16KHz with flat response. Technical parameters Receiver: - Reception channel: single channel - Oscillation mode: PLL phase locking Frequency synthesis - Modulation mode: FM modulation - RF sensitivity: When entering 6dB? V, S / N> 80dB - Working range: 60 m in linear distance. Please note: the actual range depends on the absorption, reflection and interference of the RF signal and the environment in which the microphone is used - Silent control mode: audio code and noise locking - Integrated frequency response: 50Hz at 18KHz (± 3 dB) - Integrated THD: <0.5% at 1KHz - Panel display: LCD + LED - Dimensions (mm): 210 (W) x 44 (H) x 181 (D) - Weight: 0 , 8 Kg - Can be used with a hand-held microphone - Oscillation mode: PLL phase-locked frequency synthesis - Capture gain: fixed gain - Transmission power: up to 30 mW, depending on the region - Current consumption : <130mA - LCD screen - Microphone capsule: Cardioid Body Pack - PLL oscillation mode with phase lock of the frequency synthesizer - Gain sensor: adjustable gain - Transmission power: up to 30mW, depending on the region - Current consumption: <130mA - LCD type screen - Type of microphone: tie or se head
Marken Referenznummer:4910_DA_UHF_MH_100
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