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The history of roland

Roland's reputation is built on the use of leading-edge technology and the consideration of even the wildest of ideas. Electronic musical instruments: This is the main area of Roland's business, which includes instruments such as digital stage pianos, synthesizers, electronic drums, etc. These products are highly regarded and trusted by many musicians around the world, from beginners to professionals. Guitar-related electronic musical instruments: This category consists of a wide range of products for the most demanding guitarists: BOSS effects processors, guitar amps, guitar synthesizers, etc. Home electronic musical instruments: There are many keyboards such as home digital pianos, digital accordions, electronic organs, etc. With these products, Roland can help all music lovers enjoy playing music. Professional Video and Audio, Digital Music Equipment: This category incorporates professional audio equipment based on Roland's proprietary ultra-high quality audio transfer technology, and equipment for digital music such as USB audio interfaces, essential for today's music creators. This category also includes audio and video mixers for Internet streaming. Satisfaction or your money back! Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Drums / percussion