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Treasury of piano music by great Norwegian composer, including the perennial favorites, Peer Gynt Suites Nos. 1 and 2 and the Holberg Suite, as well as a rich selection of other pieces: Vier Stucke, Op. 1, Humoresker, Op. 6, Sonata in E Minor, Op. 7, and many others.

Content :
"Four Pieces [Vier Stücke], Op. 1 (dedicated to E. F. Wenzel)"
I. Allegro con leggerezza
II. Non Allegro e molto espressivo
III. Mazurka
IV. Allegretto con moto
"Poetic Tone-Pictures [Poetiske tonebilleder], Op. 3 (dedicated to Benjamin Feddersen)"
I. "Allegro, ma non troppo"
II. Allegro cantabile
III. Con moto
IV. Andante con sentimento
V. Allegro moderato
VI Allegro scherzando
"Humoresques [Humoresker], Op. 6 (dedicated to Rikard Nordraak)"
I. Tempo di Valse
II. Tempo di Menuetto ed energico
III. Allegretto con grazia
IV. Allegro alla burla
"Sonata in E Minor, Op. 7 (dedicated to Niels W. Gade)"
Allegro moderato
Andante molto
"Alla Menuetto, ma pocco più lento"
"Concerto in A Minor, Op. 16, Arranged for Solo Piano (dedicated to Edmund Neupert)"
Allegro molto moderato
Allegro moderato e molto marcato
"Four Album Leaves [Fire albumblade], Op. 28 (dedicated to Minna Petersen)"
I. Allegro con moto
II. Allegretto espressivo
III. Vivace
IV. Andantino serioso
"Two Elegiac Melodies [Zwei elegische Melodien], Op. 34 (dedicated to Heinrich von Herzogenberg; arrangement of a work for string orchestra based on the songs Op. 33, nos. 3 and 2)"
I. Heart's Wounds [Herzwunden]
II. Last Spring [Letzter Frühling]
"From Holberg's Time [Fra Holbergs tid; Holberg Suite], Op. 40 (dedicated to Erika Lie-Nissen)"
I. Praeludium
II. Sarabande
III. Gavotte
IV. Air
V. Rigaudon
"Piano Pieces after His Own Songs [Klavierstücke nach eigenen Liedern] (I), Op. 41"
I. Lullaby [Wiegenlied]
II. Little Haakon [Klein Haakon]
III. I Love Thee [Ich liebe dich]
IV. She Is So White [Wenn einst sie lag an meiner Brust/Sie ist so weiss]
V. The Princess [Die Prinzessin]
VI. To Springtime [An den Lenz]
"Peer Gynt Suite No. 1, Op. 46 (arrangement of orchestral work)"
I. Morning Mood [Morgenstimmung]
II. Åse's Death [Åses Tod]
III. Anitra's Dance [Anitras Tanz]
IV. In the Hall of the Mountain King [In der Halle des Bergkönigs]
"Piano Pieces after His Own Songs [Klavierstücke nach eigenen Liedern] (II), Op. 52"
I. A Mother's Grief [Mutterschmerz]
II. The First Meeting [Erstes Begegnen]
III. The Poet's Heart [Des Dichters Herz]
IV. Solvejg's Song [Solvejgs Lied]
V. Love [Liebe]
VI. The Old Mother [Die alte Mutter]
"Two Melodies [Zwei Melodien], Op. 53 (dedicated to Franz Neruda; arrangement of a work for string orchestra based on the songs Op. 33, no. 12, and Op. 21, no
I. Norwegian [Norwegisch]
II. The First Meeting [Erstes Begegnen]
"Peer Gynt Suite No.2, Op 55 (arrangement of orchestral work)"
I. Ingrid's Lament [Ingrids Klage]
II. Arabian Dance [Arabischer Tanz]
III. Peer Gynt's Return Home [Peer Gynts Heimkehr]
IV. Solvejg's Song [Solvejgs Lied]
"Moods [Stimmungen], Op. 73 "
I. Resignation
II. Scherzo-Impromptu
III. Night Ride [Natligtridt]
IV. Folksong [Folketone]
V. Study [Studie] (Hommage à Chopin)
VI. Students' Serenade [Studenternes serenade]
VII. The Mountaineer's Song [Lual?t]
"Nordraak's Funeral March [Sörgemarsch over Rikard Nordraak], WoOp."
"Three Piano Pieces [Drei Klavierstückel], WoOp. "
I. White Clouds [Hvide skyer]
II. Gnomes' Tune [Tusselsl?t]
III. The Dance Goes On [Dansen går]
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