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Written during the 1970s, the etudes featured in The Art Of Two-Line Improvisation were composed as a result of Jimmy Wyble's explorations into the musical worlds of counterpoint, harmony and chord melody improvisation for the jazz Guitar.

The right and left hand fingerings presented in this book were developed as techniques needed to improvise jazz in two lines. Wyble uses very standard jazz Guitar chord shapes in these etudes; however, these shapes move through the harmony in lines rather than block chord structures. This broken chord technique creates a unique contrapuntal sound that separates Wyble from the rest of the fingerstyle jazz Guitar world.

It is hoped that jazz and classical guitarists playing and working through these etudes will see many familiar chord shapes moving in new ways and creating new sounds. These new harmonic sounds combined with beautiful melodies will inspire any quitarist to new levels of musical creativity. The Art Of Two-Line Improvisation is written in notation and tablature. This book includes access to online audio.
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