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In Comping Standards For Jazz Guitar renowned Guitar guru and author Jim Ferguson helps you to take your playing to the next level.

Using common jazz chord progressions, this book takes you through three primary comping approaches: straight-four, moving bass lines and combo variants. In the process, you'll learn numerous chord voicings, ways to organize them and a wide variety of dynamic rhythmic figures used in jazz.

Other highlights include the use of guides and pivots, chord substitution, mastering rootless chords, playing with a pianist, inverting partial harmonic structures, Latin comping, chord scales, handling modal tunes and mixing voicings.

The highly detailed music examples cover most of the common jazz keys and the material comes to life on the accompanying 17-track CD.

The pieces featured in Comping Standards For Jazz Guitar are in both standard notation and tablature.

All The Things You Want
Always Autumn
Confirmation Blues
Deep Blue Bossa
Five Minus One
Gnawing On The Apple
Into Somewhere
Minor Blues
Rhythm Changes
Un Peu Blues
We Can’t Be Parted
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