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Contemporary Viola Studies

Garth Knox is one of the most prominent violists of his generation, and as former long-time member of the Arditti Quartet he has developed and maintained a fondness of contemporary music. In the mean time, he gives concerts and teaches courses all over the world.

With 'Viola Spaces' he wants to make contemporary playing techniques accessible to advanced players. The pieces, or 'playing spaces', are true concert studies, each of them dealing with specific techniques such as harmonics, pizzicato (with 9 fingers!) or tremolos which are explained in great detail.

Another volume with modern playing techniques for two violas and a volume with variations on a piece by the French viola da gamba master Marin Marais for four violas are planned.

1. Sul ponticello, “Beside the Bridge” · 2. Sul tasto, “Ghosts” · 3. Glissando, “One Finger” · 4. Pizzicato, “Nine Finger” · 5. Tremolo, “Rapid Repeat” · 6. Harmonics, “Harmonic Horizon” · 7. Quartertones, “In Between” · 8. Bow directions, “Up, Down, Sideways, Round”
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