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Retrouvez les chansons des 9 albums d'Oasis spécialement arrangées pour guitare (symboles et grilles d'accords). Inclus les paroles complètes, des photos en noir & blanc, un guide pour jouer et la discographie complète du groupe.

Titres : Bring It On Down; Cigarettes And Alcohol; Columbia; Digsy's Dinner; Live Forever; Married With Children; Rock 'N' Roll Star; Shakermaker; Slide Away; Supersonic; Up In The Sky; Cast No Shadow; Champagne Supernova; Don't Look Back In Anger; Hello; Hey Now; Morning Glory; Roll With It; She's Electric; Some Might Say; The Swamp Song; Wonderwall; All Around The World; All Around The World (Reprise); Be Here Now; Don't Go Away; D'you Know Want I Mean?; Fade In-out; I Hope; I Know; I Think; It's Gettin' Better (Man!!); Magic Pie; My Big Mouth; Stand By Me; The Girl In The Dirty Shirt; Fuckin' In The Bushes; Gas Panic!; Go Let It Out; I Can See A Liar; Little James; Put Yer Money Where Yer Mouth Is; Roll It Over; Sunday Morning Call; Where Did It All Go Wrong?; Who Feels Love?; Acquiesce; Fade Away; Going Nowhere; Half The World Away; Headshrinker; I Am The Walrus (Live); It's Good To Be; Free; Listen Up; Rockin' Chair; Stay Young; Talk Tonight; The Masterplan; The Swamp Song; Underneath The Sky; (Probably) All In The Mind; A Quick Peep; Better Man; Born On A Different Cloud; Force Of Nature; Hung In A Bad Place; Little By Little; She Is Love; Songbird; Stop Crying Your Heart Out; The; Hindu Times; A Bell Will Ring; Guess God Thinks I'm Abel; Keep The Dream Alive; Let There Be Love; Love Like A Bomb; Lyla; Mucky Fingers; Part Of The Queue; The Importance Of Being Idle; The Meaning Of Soul; Turn Up The Sun

Auteur/Compositeur : OASIS
Support : Livre
Style : Pop/Rock
Riferimento contrassegnatoMUSAM997733
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