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"An Hour with the Guitar" presents a careful selection of the most beautiful pieces of guitar literature. All the names familiar to every professional and amateur guitarist - Aguado, Carulli, Carcassi, Coste, Giuliani, Sor, and many more - are represented in this collection and ensure much stimulating variety. These pieces, with grades of difficulty progressing from very easy to moderately difficult, will give not only the beginner but also the advanced guitarist some valuable material for this teaching, entertainment and performance. Except for a few very beautiful studies, dry exercises habe been avoided in this book in the hope that every guitarist will use it for his "hour of relaxation".

- D. Aguado: Walzer I G-Dur
- D. Aguado: Walzer II C-Dur
- D. Aguado: Walzer III G-Dur
- M. Carcassi: Galopp
- F. Carulli: Walzer A-Dur
- F. Carulli: Andantino
- A. Diabelli: Ländler
- A. Diabelli: Menuett
- A. Diabelli: Schottisch I A-Dur
- A. Diabelli: Schottisch II C-Dur
- M. Giuliani: Allegro
- M. Giuliani: Andantino
- M. Giuliani: Ecossaise
- M. Giuliani: Volkslied
- M. Giuliani: Walzer I C-Dur
- M. Giuliani: Walzer II C-Dur
- F. Horetzky: Andantino
- F. Hünten: Alter Tanz
- J. Küffner: Allegretto
- J. Küffner: Andante con moto
- J. Küffner: Arietta
- J. Küffner: Marsch
- J. Küffner: Thema
- J. Küffner: Theam
- J. Küffner: Walzer G-Dur
- Meissonier: Walzer A-Dur
- F. Sor: Allegretto
- F. Sor: Andante I C-Dur
- F. Sor: Andante II G-Dur
- F. Sor: Andantino I C-Dur
- F. Sor: Andantino II G-Dur
- F. Sor: Etude
- F. Sor: Melodie I C-Dur
- F. Sor: Melodie II C-Dur
- F. Sor: Studie
- unbekannter Meister: Ecoassaise (um 1835)
- unbekannter Meister: Fandango
- unbekannter Meister: Thema mit Variation
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