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The matching Folio to Diamond Dave's first full-length solo album released in 1986.

As the front man of rock legends Van Halen, David Lee Roth pushed back the barriers of metal performers and performance. When the group disbanded Roth formed his own super-group with a young Steve Vai, Billy Sheehan and Gregg Bissonette (all now acclaimed in their own right) and recorded Eat 'Em and Smile as their first project.
Th album was an instant hit not only with rock fans, but due to the dazzling technical displays musicians who were, and remain, some of the very best in the business. Roth's tongue-in-cheek personality, Vai's twisted Zappa-esque guitar, Sheehan's bass pyrotechnics and the rolling thunder of Bissonette are all in full force with style and swagger to spare!

This book contains all the tracks from the album in accurate guitar tablature with complete lyrics.


Big Trouble
Bump And Grind
Elephant Gun
Goin' Crazy
I'm Easy
Ladies' Nite In Buffalo
Shy Boy
That's Life
Tobacco Road
Yankee Rose

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