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Woodbrass Services

Who is hiding behind Woodbrass?

More than a million musicians worldwide are already trusting us.

Woodbrass – a few figures

  • French number 1 seller of musical equipment ("Global retail report")

  • 31st rated "top 100 of french web retailers"

  • More than 120 000 items online

  • Partner of more than 1000 schools, bands and orchestras

  • 1 200 000 unique visitors per month / 17 years of experience in music business
  • 70 employees

  • 5 Woodbrass Stores at the very heart of "Cité de la Musique" in Paris, a more than 1450 sqm wide music area

  • 1 VIP apartment: Woodbrass Deluxe, just above the Woodbrass guitar store.

  • 1 Woodbrass music school which enables as many people as possible to learn a musical instrument.

Woodbrass, a brief overview

120 000 musical instruments and 820 brands are attracting more than a million visitors per month. With 17 years of experience, a website in seven languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and Italian) and 100 employees, multilingual musicians, Woodbrass is one of the leading companies in music business.

Woodbrass – a musical fairy tale?

Woodbrass' founder Christophe Chauvin was 7 years old when he began to explore the world of music and he decided soon to start playing the oboe. He studied at the conservatoire, played at the community-based orchestra in the city he lived in and he did his military service at the army's music department. As a graduate of the parisian Chamber of Trade, he started working at Yamaha Music France and later at Alto Musique, an orchestra flutes importer. In 1994, the passionate expert of musical instruments founded Bois-Chaux, a company specialised in distributing Wind instrument accessories in France.

“Woodbrass' founder Christophe Chauvin was 7 years old when he began to explore the world of music”

Woodbrass is the story of music passion. When he went to visit american musical instruments retailers in 1997 to offer them several mothpieces made in France, Christophe Chauvin is fascinated by a huge store of musical instruments near Chicago wich offers a large choice of wind instruments: “Woodwind and Brasswind”, number one in the United States.

After several exchanges with the american store, Christophe Chauvin launches a french version in Paris, his first store of 540 sqm, a unique concept at that time. Within a couple of months, the concept is getting more and more well-known and Woodwind and Brasswind Paris becomes the french leader of musical instruments retailing business.

In 2003, the head company buys a young start up company, an in online retailing specialist of musical instruments, MUSIC 123. After a meeting with the head office of this new company in order to learn more about e-commerce operating modes, Christophe Chauvin and his brother Hubert, Marketing Director, take all necessary measures to meet all requirements that this new era implies.

Woodwind and Brasswind now has to maintain its leadership in brass wind business and in addition to this expand the product range to a more generalized offer. A new website is launched:

E-commerce is still at its beginnings at this time, neverthless Woodbrass becomes number 1 online retailer of musical equipment in France.

When Woodbrass' associate Dennis Bamber retires in 2009, the capital investment company Ciclad becomes the new financial partner.

Today, Woodbrass has become one of the most important e-commerce sites. In 2015, Woodbrass is 31st rated within the "top 100 of french web retailers" according to a Ginger market research survey published by the E-Commerce Magazine., a success story!

Today, Woodbrass has a range of 120 000 musical instruments, 820 brands, 5 Woodbrass Stores and a more than 1450 sqm wide music area in Paris and a website attracting more than a million visitors per month.

“Music for everyone!“ is the Woodbrass motto. Making music accessible to the greatest number of people by offering the best possible price-performance-ratio.

And the concept pays off: musicians from all over the world are visiting the Woodbrass Stores and website avery month. 85 000 fans like and follow the company's Facebook wall.

105 employees, passionate musicians, are working at Woodbrass in order to share this passion with you!


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