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Rich and round harmonics with a precise and clear sound, the K Custom 14 "dark hi-hat is a monster of versatility.

A series with dark accents.
In the K Custom series, you will find a multitude of sub-series. Each of them has characteristics that distinguish them from its congeners. For the cymbals stamped with the Dark logo, you get a bigger definition of the olive blows of the wand on the different surfaces of the cymbal. This allows you to gain better control over the sound volume of the cymbal.

The particular sound K Custom.
The K Custom series is renowned for bringing together unique patterns that will add a unique color to your cymbal set. These models are based on the legendary sound of the K series: dark harmonics and a short decay but with unique finishes, tonal changes and different manufacturing techniques. Indeed, K Custom cymbals combine the K and A styles, making it an extremely versatile series. If you are looking for a cymbal that brings something different to your set, take a look at the K Custom!

Descending from the K 'series, K ' Custom widens the sound palette of contemporary jazz. They bring even more depth and complexity through an innovative combination of traditional and modern hammering techniques that make the sound drier and enhance the character of each cymbal: each model has its own personality. Try them, compare them, play them. You will not come back!

Category: charleston
Type: dark
Material: bronze
Cymbal diameter: 14.00

Thickness: thin medium
Hammering: yes
Sound: General
Finishing: traditional
Brand reference number:PZI K0943
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