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Description of the series: PSTX is a complete collection of very affordable effects cymbals. The core of the PSTX is made up of Swiss models, cymbals that achieve a loud, dirty sound, trash sound quality through the use of varied sizes of holes. Their silky surface is visually distinct from other cymbals.
Launch: 2015
Alloy: Bronze CuSn8, also known as "2002 Bronze"; MS63 Brass & Aluminum
Applications: All volume settings • Live play and casual recording • All styles of music
Sound: noisy, dirty, trashy, exotic, explosive effect.
Size: 10 "
Weight: thin
Volume: weak to medium strong
Sound with the wand: faded
Intensity: animated
Sustain: short

His character: hot, airy, puffed. Very explosive response with rapid degradation. Soft touch. For many musical styles.
Brand reference number:871410
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