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Fast, colorful, precise and extremely musical, these are the specificities that deploys the 8-inch A Custom splash.

Like Avedis.
Marketed well after the Avedis - which were adopted by drummers in the fifties and updated since then - the A Custom combines high frequencies and melodious. Soft to heart, they have been designed for drummers looking for a current sound and optimum quality. Identifiable at first glance, impossible to confuse with entry-level, they are now one of the spearheads of Zildjian.

For the drummer looking for a clear and clean sound.
In contrast to some K cymbals whose sonic character flirts with the complexity and dark colors, the A Custom cymbals deploy explosiveness, both crystalline and crisp, tandem ideal for fusion music, rock and even metal. They will be perfect to unify a game chosen from the almost fifty references in this series A Custom has become a new standard in the world of drums, but also when combined with cymbals Series K and K Custom.

A rare constancy.
The quality of the high-end is found in every stage of manufacturing "made in USA". Whether the hammering, constantly improved on this series (so as to achieve always more precision), or the repoussage of the metal (here treated with an astonishing finesse), the A shine in particular by their constancy. Indeed, without being formatted so far, when listening to an A played by a great drummer in concert or on a video, we know that we can get the same model to very little. A rare quality!

It's hard to replace the identifiable feature sound of A 'Zildjian in any game situation, but the famous A ' Custom are an undeniable alternative. Developed with the help of the iconic Vinnie Colaiuta drummer, the A 'Custom uses turned hammering techniques, from "Thin " to "Medium " and a striking brilliance for a smooth, sophisticated and sophisticated A ' Zildjian sound. cute. Not too dark or too bright, these cymbals are perfect for all current music. This is the sophisticated expression of the original Avedis sound.

Category: splash
Material: bronze
Cymbal diameter: 8.00
Thickness: Thin

Hammering: no
Sound: brilliant
Finish: brilliant
Brand reference number:PZI A20540
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