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Splash of 10 inches, the K0858 conceals all the characteristics that have made the fame of the K series. Namely: a powerful sound with a short decay.

A 100% original sound.
The cymbals of the Zildjian K series are known and recognized for their dark and warm sound, reminiscent of the original K cymbals developed by Zildjian in Turkey in the 19th century. These cymbals deliver a powerful sound, with a short decay. They also deploy complex and highly expressive harmonics, making them cymbals suitable for a wide variety of musical genres, from jazz to rock.

Easy to spot.
It is not difficult to recognize them! Thanks to the Zildjian logo, of course, and to this famous K, which already says a lot. But this descent now has several branches, including Constantinople (very hammered), Kerope (very orange), custom K (brilliant and resolutely modern), and K Zildjian. So we can look closer and aim for this "Dark" that makes all the difference, and especially open ears by relying on the charm of this series.

The deep sound and intricate harmonies of K 'cymbals have inspired drummers around the world for decades.
The know-how of Kerope Zildjian gave birth in the 19th century to this series of cymbals become legendary. They are particularly versatile and offer sounds that are dark, powerful and subtle. Advanced hammering and chiselling transform the secret alloy into versatile cymbals with a wide variety of low and high frequencies that can soften or intensify. It all depends on how you play them.

Category: splash
Material: bronze
Cymbal diameter: 10.00
Thickness: Thin

Hammering: no
Sound: dark
Finishing: traditional
Brand reference number:PZI K0858
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