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The "Swiss Army Knife" Ideal for progressing on the guitar.

Find all the essentials of the guitarist in this volume dedicated to lovers of 6 strings, having at least a year of practice and wishing to go further.
From Interpretation to Composition is a booklet of 96 pages and nomadic format bringing together many tips and tricks that will enrich your playing, your knowledge and your musical horizons: rhythmic formulas and turnkey arpeggios, practical advice, alternative tunings, bottleneck game, harmony, composition ...
This panel of advice and practices is offered to you while relaxed and will make yourself essential to your journey!
Find many audio and video supports that will perfectly illustrate and enrich the whole in a fun way.

+ 2.25 hours of audio to download
35+ YouTube video tutorials
more than 96 pages
4 Picks included

Essential Memos
- International rating
- Reading chord diagrams
- Reading tablatures
- How to hold your pick
- Game effects
- The Schlack
- The Shuffle
- The color of the agreements
- Improve your strikethrough

of interpretation ...
Pocket rhythms:
- Walk
- Variety / Folk
- Pop 1
- Pop 2
- Pop rock
- Walk / Rock
- Country / Pop
- Rock 1
- Rock 2
- Folk / Rock
- Rock Schlack
- Waltz
- Reggae
- Bossa Nova
- Jazz Swing

Build your agreements
- Fundamental notes and model agreements
- Chords struck out in Root 1 (The Major model, The minor model, The 7th and minor 7 models)
- Chords struck out in Root 2

The master key arpeggios in the style of ...
- Leonard Cohen
- The Who
- Adele
- Francis Cabrel
- Phone
- Simon and Garfunkel
- Yodelice
- Kansas
- The Animals
- Serge Gainsbourg

Play and sing at the same time
- Chords + Rhythmic
- In Arpège
- In irregular accompaniment

Drop D and other alternative tunings
- The Drop D
- The Open de Sol

Bottleneck game

To the composition!

- The Major range
Cadence VI
The I-IV-V cadence
Cadence II-VI
The cadence I-VI-II-V
The cadence I-VI-IV-V
Cadence IV-VI-IV
Alter to sound even better
- The minor range
The I-IV-V cadence
Cadence II-VI
The cadence VI-VII-I
The cadence I-VI-III-VII

Structure a song
- The AABA form
- The ABABCB form
- The "12 measures"

Musician jokes
Chord diagrams
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