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The NS Capo Lite by D'Addario is made of heavy-duty ABS thermoplastic molded and designed to be used on acoustic or electric 6-string guitars. Its patented adjustment mechanism (precise to the micrometer) allows you to define the exact tension corresponding to your guitar, your string, and the playing position. This greatly reduces the need to retune your instrument after using the capo. The molded ABS plastic caps are light, easy to use and extremely functional, at an affordable price. Take advantage of the absence of a cord that curls over the entire handle without breaking the bank! Also available, the NS Pro model in aeronautical aluminum of first quality.The capes of the NS range by D'Addario are the fruit of a continuous collaboration between the famous designer Ned Steinberger, Jim D'Addario and D'Addario.
Brand reference number:PW-CP-16
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