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Tri-Action Planet Waves NS Capo, black

The NS Tri-Action black capo guarantees you operation without any curling cord, and this on the whole handle. Its patented Tri-Action mechanism reduces the force required to open or close the capo and applies uniform tension regardless of the shape of the handle. Associated with its tension adjustment screw and with a pressure applied directly to the horizontal, the tri-action capo does not pull the strings outwards and does not require you to tune. In addition, its lightweight aluminum construction adds negligible weight to the instrument. This capo has an integrated pick holder and was designed by Ned Steinberger.

Planet Waves products are the most innovative tools available for professional musicians. Our wide range of capos is no exception. Many of our revolutionary products have emerged thanks to a partnership between renowned designer Ned Steinberger and Jim D'Addario. No matter what style of capo you prefer, Planet Waves has the one for you.
Designed specifically for use on 6-string acoustic and electric guitars
The tension adjustment mechanism (precise to the micrometer) guarantees you to play just and without a curling string, no matter which fret you place the capo
Easy to use with one hand thanks to its Tri-Action geometry; pinches on the head of the instrument when no longer in use

Made of premium aluminum similar to that used in aeronautics

Integrated pick holder for easy storage of your pick when playing with your finger

Brand reference number:PW-CP-09
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