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Acoustic guitar humidifier with digital humidity and temperature sensor by Planet Waves

Preserving the humidity of your guitar is an essential step to protect it from environmental damage and keep the best of your instrument. The Planet Waves Humidifier & Temperature / Humidity Sensor makes this instrument humidification process simple and non-binding. Suspended on the strings inside the body of the guitar, the humidifier gradually and uniformly releases moisture in your instrument without ever coming into contact with the body and without painful maintenance constraints. The temperature / humidity sensor is a precision digital hygrometer which indicates the relative humidity from low values (less than 20%) to 99%. The temperature is displayed in degrees centigrade or farenheit, from -35 to 50 ° C (-32 to 122 ° F). The HTS sensor includes a programmable threshold and a memory function indicating the time and date of the highest and lowest temperature / humidity readings to which the instrument has been exposed. Take one for each of your instruments. Installing and using an HTS sensor and a Planet Waves humidifier in each of your cases is a wise investment that you will not regret.

Complete kit to monitor and control the humidity level of your acoustic guitar
Protects your instrument from cracks, deformation and other damage caused by lack of moisture
The humidifier never comes into contact with the instrument body

Humidifier releases moisture gradually and evenly

The humidity and temperature sensor precisely displays the temperature and humidity on a very readable screen. It also has a clock, calendar and memory function

Brand reference number:PW-GH-HTS
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