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The SWD (Sound Watching Drum) is designed, hand hammered and handmade in Naples (Italia) by the artisan Massimo Tirino.
Starting from a high grade stainless steel sheet, the SWDrum is progressively formed and tuned in order to get the maximum resonnance and perfect tuning of each note. Each note is hand hammered formed and then cut with a laser.
The fabrication process provides a reliable tuning over time.
This melodic percussion from the family of the tongue drum (also called hank drum and tank drum) can be played placed on your thighs or on a smooth surface.
Can be played by hand or using soft rubber mallets.
Often used for relaxation music and as a music therapy instrument.

E Ionian 9 notes : E G A B C D E G B
Diameter: 47cm (18")
Height: 18cm

Protection and carrying bag included
Brand reference number:SWD-18EION
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