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Small enough to fit in your pocket, the BOSS MICRO BR BR-80 is the ultimate new portable recording and jam-along tool for guitarists and other musicians. It's equipped with three modes to create, record, and perform your music: an eight-track MTR (Multi-Track Recorder) mode; an eBand mode for onstage backing tracks and phrase training;and a Live Rec mode for instantly capturing high-quality stereo recordings. You can even combine the three modes seamlessly. Record your phrase ideas using Live Rec mode, for example, and then import the recordings into MTR mode to use as foundations for song production. Once you've added tracks, import your finished songs into eBand mode for backing-track accompaniment at the gig. The BR-80 is truly a must-have for all musicians!

- Three modes: MTR (multi-track recorder), eBand, and Live Rec
- Records directly to SD/SDHC memory card (up to 32 GB)
- High-quality stereo condenser microphone built in for instant audio capture
- 64 V-Tracks and eight simultaneous playback tracks
- eBand function for phrase training and play-along tracks
- Huge library of built-in backing and rhythm patterns
- World-class COSM amps and effects onboard
- Use as a USB audio interface with built-in effects
- SONAR X1 LE software included

The Complete Studio To Go

Don't be fooled by its size - this little studio is loaded! The MTR (Multi-Track Recorder) mode offers 64 V-Tracks with eight simultaneous playback tracks. In addition, a dedicated stereo rhythm track is provided, as well as an onboard library of great grooves to choose from. The intuitive user-interface continues the simple-to-use tradition of BOSS' acclaimed BR series, with a graphical design that follows the layout of a conventional recording console. With EQ, reverb, and mastering tools plus, world-class COSM amps and effects for guitar, bass, and vocals the BR-80 is ready to deliver complete, pro-quality recordings with ease.

High-Quality Multi FX

The BR-80 is packed with professional multi-effects powered by a newly developed custom DSP chip. Over 40 types of COSM amp models give you instant access to a wide range of powerful guitar and bass sounds. The preset patches allow fi rst-timers and pros alike to enjoy high-quality sounds immediately, while power users can tweak parameters in micro detail for the ultimate tonal control. The dedicated vocal effects, comparable with BOSS's popular VE-20, include doubling, harmony effects, pitch correction, and more.

Virtual Jam Band

The BR-80's eBand mode offers musicians a fun way to play along with their favorite songs. With the bundled eBand Song List Editor software, you can import CD, MP3, and WAV audio fi les from a computer via USB. The Center Cancel function can be used to minimize the volume of pre-recorded vocals and solos for play- and sing-along enjoyment. eBand mode is also an excellent partner for musical training, as it lets you record your performance adjust playback speed and/or pitch as desired.
PC Companion
The ultra-fl exible BR-80 can be used as a stand-alone digital recorder or as audio interface for a USB-equipped computer.

Built-In Stereo Mic

In combination with the onboard high-grade stereo condenser microphones, the BR-80's Live Rec mode lets you capture pristine stereo recordings instantly. Record vocals, guitar parts, and song ideas the moment inspiration strikes. Your recorded audio fi les can
be easily imported into the BR-80's MTR mode to use as a basis for multi-track song production.

- Tracks [ MTR Mode ] Tracks: 8, Simultaneously recording track: 2, V-Track: 64 (8 V-Tracks per each Track) [ eBand Mode ] Tracks: 2 (stereo), Simultaneously recording track: 2 (stereo) [ LIVE REC Mode ] Tracks: 2 (stereo), Simultaneously recording track: 2 * Either the playback or the recording.
- Recording Media SDHC Memory Card: 4 GB-32 GB, SD Memory Card: 1 GB-2 GB
- Data Type [ MTR Mode ] Linear (Bit Depth: 16 bits) [ eBand Mode ] eBand Songs (Recording/Playback), WAV (Bit Depth: 16 bits, Playback only), MP3 (Bit Rates: 64 kbps-320 kbps, Playback only) [ LIVE REC Mode ] WAV (Bit Depth: 16 bits, Recording/Playback), MP3 (Bit Rates: 64 kbps-320 kbps, Recording/Playback)
- AD Conversion 24 bits
- DA Conversion 24 bits
- Sample Rate 44.1 kHz
Recording Time (conversion in one track) [ MTR Mode ] 1 GB: 3 hours, 32 GB: 100 hours [ eBand Mode ] (eBand Song) 1 GB: 4 hours, 32 GB: 130 hours [ eBand Mode/LIVE REC Mode ] (WAV 16-bit, stereo) 1 GB: 1.5 hours, 32 GB: 50 hours (MP3 128 kbps, stereo) 1 GB: 16 hours, 32 GB: 550 hours * The above-listed recording times are approximate. Times may be slightly
- Shorter depending on the number of songs that were created. * The above number of the MTR mode is the total for all the tracks that are used. If each of the eight tracks contains an equal amount of data, the length of the resulting song will be approximately 1/8 of the above.
- Nominal Input Level GUITAR/MIC IN jack: -20 dBu (GUITAR/MIC SW = GUITAR), -40 dBu (GUITAR/MIC SW = MIC), LINE IN jack: -10 dBu
- Input Impedance GUITAR/MIC IN jack: 1 Mohms (GUITAR/MIC SW = GUITAR), 6 kohms (GUITAR/MIC SW = MIC), LINE IN jack: 10 kohms
- Nominal Output Level PHONES/LINE OUT jack: -14 dBu
- Output Impedance PHONES/LINE OUT jack: 22 ohms
- Display Graphic LCD 128 x 64 dots (Backlit LCD)
- USB Functions 24-bit/44.1 kHz USB-AUDIO (Hi-Speed USB), USB Mass Storage Class (Hi-Speed USB), BUS
- Power operation
Connectors GUITAR/MIC IN jack (1/4" phone type), LINE IN jack (Stereo miniature phone type), PHONES/LINE OUT jack (Stereo miniature phone type), USB connector (mini-B type), DC IN jack
- Power Supply DC 9 V: AC Adaptor (sold separately), Alkaline battery (AA, LR6) x 2, Rechargeable Ni-MH battery (AA, HR6) x 2 or USB Bus Power
- Current Draw 130 mA (DC IN) Alkaline dry cell batteries: Approximately 6 hours (with continuous playback of 8 tracks, power save function) * May vary according to usage conditions, batteries used, and type of SD card used.
- Dimensions 138.0 (W) x 86 (D) x 21.7 (H) mm / 5-7/16 (W) x 3-7/16 (D) x 7/8 (H) inches
- Weight 140 g / 5 oz
USB Cable (mini-B type), Alkaline battery (AA, LR6) x 2, Owner's Manual
- Options AC Adaptor (PSA series), Silicone Rubber Case and Carrying Pouch: BA-BR80S
* 0 dBu = 0.775 Vrms
* The specifications are subject to change without notice.
Brand reference number:BR-80
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