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Voix et tous instruments (flute, violon, violoncelle, clavier…)

Table des matières :
MacCrimmon’s Lament, Cha Til MacCriman - Jane Fraser Morison
Johnnie Cope - James Gillespie
Laughlan’s Lilt - James Oswald
Lochaber - William Thomson
Etrik Banks - William Thomson
Loch - Erroch Side - Thomas Oliver & George Boyd
The Flower of Edinburgh - James Oswald
Lady Mary Hay’s Scotch Measure - Nathaniel Gow
The Fyket - Niel Gow
Miss Bisset Logierait’s Reel - Malcolm McDonald
Was ye at the Bridal - James Oswald
The Cadgers of the Cannongate - Niel Gow
Kennet ’s Dream - James Oswald
The Princess Royal - Niel Gow
Logan Water (For ever Fortune) - William Thomson
Mrs Judge - Turlough O’Carolan
John Anderson my jo (instrumental) - James Oswald
John Anderson my jo (chant) - Thomas Oliver & George Boyd
For our lang biding here - William Thomson
Joy gae wi ’my love - Niel Gow
The Flaughter Spade - David Young
Patrick McDonald ’s Jig - Patrick McDonald
Benney Side - James Oswald
Pearlin Peggie ’s Bonny, or, The laird of Foveran - William Christie
The Gum - ga ’d Aber - Gairdyn Manuscript
Adew Dundee - Skene Manuscript
Bonny Dundee - Variation François Lazarevitch
Moc Donogh ’s Lamentation - Daniel Wright
Saw na ye my Peggie (chant) - William Thomson
Saw na ye my Peggie (instrumental) - William McGibbon
Muirland Willie - William Thomson
The Wawking of the Faulds - William Thomson
I wish I wou’d marry me - Robert Bremner
An caora crom - David Young
Ratha Fair - Niel Gow
Haud the lass till I come at her - Thomas Wilson
Clean Peas Strae - Niel Gow
Auteurs : Robert Bremner, William Christie, Jane Fraser Morison, James Gillespie, Nathaniel Gow, Niel Gow, Malcolm
McDonald, Patrick McDonald, William McGibbon, Turlough O’Carolan, Thomas Oliver & George Boyd, James Oswald,
William Thomson, Thomas Wilson, Daniel Wright, David Young
Gairdyn Manuscript, Skene Manuscript
Arrangements et variations : François Lazarevitch
Brand reference number:MUSFRAN17-18
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