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The history of behringer

From a “kitchen-table startup” to one of the largest and most successful pro-audio companies in the World.

It all started in 1989 on Uli Behringer's kitchen table and no one would have ever thought that the "one-man kitchen-table startup" would develop into one of the largest and most successful pro-audio companies in the world.

Both music and electronics inspired him to study classical piano as well as sound engineering. At the university where he studied, they had exactly two microphones for over 100 students and Uli realized that it was simply impossible to become a Sound Engineer without having his own studio but as a student he couldn't afford to establish his own. One day he opened up a signal processor of an established brand and he realized that despite a selling price of $1,000 the components inside were just worth $100. It was then that he started to design equipment; initially for himself, but surprisingly he had immediately sold ten pieces to his friends and fellow musicians before he had even built them. He discovered that all of his musician friends faced the same dilemma.There was simply a tremendous need for good and affordable sound equipment.

It became his personal mission and later the Company’s philosophy to provide professional products at prices every musician could afford. This formed the BEHRINGER mantra “Double the Features at Half the Price” which literally created a new “Prosumer” or home-recording market that had not existed before.

In 1990 Uli flew to Hong Kong to look for a contract manufacturer and started working with some of them. But over the next few years, he realized that it was impossible to manage them as quality and delivery becamed a constant problem. In 2002 they finally decided to establish their own manufacturing facility in China which marked another milestone in the Company’s history. By making this fundamental and substantial investment in “MUSIC Group City”, their state-of-the-art factory in Zhongshan (Guangdong province), the brand has now achieved total control over processes as well as aligning all employees to share the same goals and values.

There are incredible initiatives ongoing in BEHRINGER and the MUSIC Group overall, and they will continue to lead the industry. Their aim is to constantly provide better products, better services and once again, they're heavily investing in R&D and have just opened two new high-tech R&D centers in China and the UK. The focus is to create value-added products by investing in new technologies, and for this purpose they are hiring the best engineers they can get. Over all these years the company relentlessly invested in the best people, infrastructure and quality systems. Just look at their immense investments in MUSIC Group City, in over 250 R&D engineers, in cutting-edge infrastructure, and in the best manufacturing equipment and you will understand that BEHRINGER has become a truly industry-leading enterprise.