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The Complete Schwanengesang

Brilliant transcriptions by the foremost pianist-composer of his day of all 14 songs in the series, including such masterpieces as "Das Fischermädchen," "Am Meer," "Abschied," "Ständchen," "Frühlings-Sehnsucht," "Der Doppelgänger," and other famed lieder. All meticulously reproduced from rare early editions overseen by Liszt himself. A modestly priced collection of hard-to-find gems for pianists and music lovers.

Content :
Lied[er] aus Fr. Schubert's Schwanengesang für das Piano-Forte übertragen von F. Liszt
[Song(s) from Franz Schubert's Swan Song Transcribed for Piano by Franz Liszt]
R245| 1-14
1. Die Stadt [The City]
2. Das Fischermädchen [The Fisherman's Daughter]
3. Aufenthalt [Sojourn]
4. Am Meer [By the Sea]
5. Abschied [Farewell]
6. In der Ferne (Lamentazion') [Far from Home]
7. Ständchen [Serenade]
8. Ihr Bild [Her Picture] with
9. Frühlings-sehnsucht [Longing in Springtime]
10. Liebesbotschaft [Love Message]
11. Der Atlas [Atlas]
12. Der Doppelgänger [The Double]
13. Die Taubenpost [Pigeon Post]
14. Kriegers Ahnung [Warrior's Premonition]
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