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36 pièces pour travailler les démanchés.

Contenu :
A Tribute to Handel (Dezaire, Nico)
Position changing cha cha (Dezaire, Nico)
French folk song (Traditional)
Django plays the violin (Dezaire, Nico)
Mourning Mary (Dezaire, Nico)
Shift Rap (Dezaire, Nico)
Sadness (Dezaire, Nico)
The Elephant (Saint-Saëns, Camille)
Brigg Fair (Delius, Frederick)
Pomp and circumstance March No. 4 (Elgar, Edward William)
Sally's skirts (Dezaire, Nico)
Playing Monopoly (Dezaire, Nico)
Les Sylphides (Chopin, Frédéric François)
Hungarian Dance No. 5 (Brahms, Johannes)
Little flower (Dezaire, Nico)
Hurdy-Gurdy (Dezaire, Nico)
Blues (Dezaire, Nico)
Greensleeves (Traditional)
Farandole (Bizet, Georges
Sad Waltz (Dezaire, Nico)
Piano Concerto 1st Movement (Grieg, Edvard)
Bad girls (Dezaire, Nico)
Farewell (Dezaire, Nico)
Please Sir, have a cigar (Dezaire, Nico)
Frère Jacques Variations (Dezaire, Nico)
Jupiter (Holst, Gustav)
Olga's Song (Dezaire, Nico)
Hungarian Dance (Dezaire, Nico)
Allegretto (Theme from Symphony No. 6 5th Movement ) (Beethoven, Ludwig van)
One fine day (from Madame Butterfly) (Puccini, Giacomo)
You and me (Dezaire, Nico)
In the wood (Dezaire, Nico)
La donna e mobile (from Rigoletto) (Verdi, Giuseppe)
Jumpin' jig flash (Dezaire, Nico)
Nick's little rabbit (Mussies, Martine)
Largo (from Winter) (Vivaldi, Antonio)
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