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Woodbrass Deluxe is a 150sqm apartment just above the Woodbrass guitar store (182 av Jean Jaurès in Paris), the association of Alain Pluchot’s Studio Pro department and Julien Bitoun’s Boutique/vintage guitar department. We chose to work by appointment only, which enables to offer a high quality service.
Curious and interested people are welcome at any time of course even without appointment.

Musicians arrive in a homely space with a couch, comfortable chairs and specialized books in order to discuss in a relaxed way and to test high-range headphones under the best possible conditions. This place is hidden from public and well-known people or celebrities can choose their equipment with complete discretion. It is a place where we organize events with manufacturers, instrument makers and retailers in order to present new items, mini-fairs or private sales. These are intended for the major players and Woodbrass Deluxe future clients.

You will find there a sound booth, a control room with a wonderful SSL desk and large numbers of screens, mics and 500 modules. Visitors can listen to high-range loudspeakers, which is offered by no other place in Paris. You will find there audio devices and the greatest mics which singers can test under real studio conditions.

As for the guitars, you will discover Fender and Gibson Custom Shops, but also pedals and amps of which we are exclusive retailers and luthier guitars. But there is also second hand stuff and beautiful vintage items.

« By launching Deluxe, Woodbrass has created a private, homely and exclusive space for artists and technicians to test instruments and audio equipment under the most comfortable conditions. »

« A veritable paradise for the most
discerning guitarists. »

« Finally there is a place where you are undisturbed to test high-end guitar gear stuff under excellent conditions. A 120sqm apartment full of beautiful acoustic and electric instruments - dreamlike. »

« If we had an apartment such as the Woodbrass Deluxe's one we would all take sick leave in order to play these amazing guitars all day long and record our songs with the most lovely mics and incredible preamps... A place that nobody will get out of unscathed. »

« This is the apartment that musicians are dreaming of: abounding instruments just for themselves, a soundproof studio opening on a balcony (!), a living room to chill out, thinking about the next album... The only thing missing would be a bed to settle down definitely. An unusual place which is worthy of being visited. »

« A private, spacious and inviting apartment, a consultant specially for you and high end instruments at affordable prices, this is not luxury...

« Woodbrass Deluxe is a place in Paris, where you can play, breathe and discuss about music in a cosy apartment surrounded by very high end equipment. »

« A high end shop which is conceived as an apartment. Woodbrass Deluxe allows you to test guitars, microphones, preamps and other studio equipment as long as you want before buying them and makes you feel at home. Once you enter Woodbrass Deluxe, you might want to stay there for some days... »