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The history of mesa boogie

The whole Mesa Boogie-history started at the beginning of the 70s when the rock became more and more important and needed more power. It seemed that the available amplifiers like these from Fender are not powerful enough to express the more or less furious way of playing of the guitarists. At that moment, Randall Smith is one of the partners from the enterprise Prune Music where he operated particularly like a technician; with such a great reputation that all bands in San Francisco bought their equipment from him! Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Doobie Brothers, Quicksilver, Santana and many more. And because he had to satisfy these people, Randall had the idea to dismantle a Fender Pinceton 12 watt to build in the heart of a Tweet Bassman which is connected with a JBL D-120 12 inch. When Carlos Santana tried this prototype for the first time, he cried: «Shit man, that little thing really boogies!» Thats how he detected the name. Because of Randall Smith, the guitar-amplifier quitted the vintage-style to dedicate himself to more a modern play. These converted Fenders were produced approximately 200 times; a real success which forced Randall Smith to found the enterprise MESA and to sell his own models. One of the first is the Mark I which became a myth because he contained not only more gain and more dynamic copared to predecessors but was also offered in different designe for example with snareskin or in more or less exotic wood (especially koa and maple) which is very unusual for this epoch. Bevore the publication of the Mark IIA with a foot switch, they sold 3000 specimens of the first Mark. The foot switch of the second model allows to the player to change from the rhythmus channel to the lead channel. His twin brother Mark IIB offered in the middle of the 80s a new configuration with two power stagess which is baptized Simulclass. The third changement, naturally called Mark IIC, included also an effects-insertion. The arsenal is completed. These models are followed by many lines and variations. Today, the brand remain faithful to his first commitment: a really good quality, an amazing dynamic, an inimitable sound... All these things make the brand Mesa/Boogiethe the ultimate of the amplification.