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The history of blackstar

Founded in 2007 in the context of the german "MusikMesse", Blackstar Amplification is a british company, young and dynamic, which produce amplifiers for guitars. Their strong will and the big success of their key products began already to change the usual practices in the world of the electric guitars and guitarists.

The technical development of this company, whose seat is in Northamptopn, England, is leaded by Bruce Keir, technical director, who is especially expert of the amplifier's concept and who bring already 20 years of experience. The rest of the team consists of Ian Robinson, Paul Hayhoe and Richard Frost, who unite more than 50 years of industrial experience

Based on a strong tradition of design "in english style", the team of Blackstar possesses a philosophy founded on a passion for art and music in general, mixed with a big interest in technology. The result is unique, breaks with all conventions and produces so remarkable technological products. The huge experience of the team in the design of lamps, of transistors and in the digital sector is reflected on the different sections of the impressive products offered by this brand.

Because they don't want to limit the guitarists to the typical sound of the established brands, the products of Blackstar offer a tonal flexibility, which exceed the sound of the already existing equipment. Because of their unique and patented innovations, it is possible for the first time to write down the sound which you have in mind. The "sound in your heat" has become a main subject of Blackstar Amplification.