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cordial CML8-0FV3C

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The CML8-0FV3C is a three-meter multipair that connects eight devices, with pairing XLR connectors on one side and stereo jack on the other.

Entente Cordial.
Founded in the mid-1990s near Munich, Cordial has become one of the leading players in the pro audio cabling market today, with a full catalog of analogue audio. also to all digital or computer connections. Its taste for innovation, its rigor in manufacturing, and finally, its attractive prices have indeed quickly attracted both amateurs and professionals. The CML8-0FV3C is part of a wide range of multipairs, and once again demonstrates Cordial quality.

Of all the colors !
With eight separate connections, and a total length of three meters, the CML8-0FV3C allows a pairing of jacks and XLR. It has eight XLR female connectors on the one hand, and eight stereo TRS 6.35 mm jack on the other. All plugs are Rean, manufactured under Neutrik license. To simplify our life and allow us to instantly find the path of connections, each connector has a wide color and clearly visible ... Blue, red, green, pink, yellow ... A real spring bouquet!

A muscular hawser!
As soon as we handle the CML8-0FV3C, we are immediately reassured! Its 15 mm diameter section allows it to carry bare copper bare conductors of 0.2 mm, allowing a resistance of 79 ohms / km. Its PVC casing, a nice black matte, in perfect contrast with the superb gilding that the jack plugs sport, ensures a perfect finish, but also a great strength, and a pleasant flexibility ... The must!

Cordial 8 XLR Female Multipair Cable - 8 Male Stereo Jacks
Connectors: 8 XLR Female / 8 Male Stereo Jacks
Sheets: REAN (Neutrik licensed) with color coding for quick identification
Length: 3 meters
Blooming: 40 centimeters
Cable color: Matte black

Category: multipair cable
Connectors: 8 x stereo jack, 8 x XLR female
Format: right
Number of pairs: 8
Length: 3.00
Connector Brand: Rean
Molded connectors: no

Switch: no
Seamless: no
Cable cross-section (mm²): 0.22
Copper without oxygen: yes
Sheath material: PVC
Color: black
Brand reference number:ECL CML8-0FV3C
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