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Light, synthetic reed that has nothing to envy to classic models, especially for its round and dark sound due to the thickness of its tip.

A reed that facilitates the transition from reed to synthetic.
If the transition from reed to synthetic interest you but want to keep a sound that allows you to continue playing as a classic set, this reed is for you. A rounder and darker sound characterizes this reed whose tip is thicker than that of other light clarinet reeds.

Light, engineering at the service of musicians.
If the Légère reeds are considered as true technological masterpieces, it is because they come from the meeting of two scientists. Guy Légère, a chemist (Ph.D. at McGill University) and clarinettist, and Mark Kortschot, a specialist in composite materials (Ph.D. at Cambridge University), worked together to find and develop the material that would be most suitable for offer optimal longevity and acoustic qualities. Lightweight reeds are the result of this collaboration that has been going on since 1998.

Lightweight reeds are made from polypropylene. This non-toxic material has been approved for direct use in food contact, these reeds are completely safe to use.
Légère has adopted a particular process, the molecules of matter are aligned in order to precisely adapt rigidity and density, to be closer to the traditional reed reed.
Lightweight does not add any fiberglass or any other chemical.

Characteristics of this material:
- It does not need to be pre-conditioned before being played
- It does not absorb water
- It is not toxic
- It can be disinfected
- It is extremely durable in time.

Of course, the most important thing about these reeds is the sound.
Even with a very refined ear, you would not be able to distinguish a traditional reed from a lightweight synthetic reed, even on the stage of a large Philharmonic Orchestra.

Category: Eb clarinet
Material: synthetic

Strength: 2.75
Quantity: 1
Brand reference number:ALE EBC275
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