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Want a powerful, heavy and punchy sound? The 19-inch K Custom Special Dry Crash will perfectly fulfill this mission. And maybe even beyond ...

Brands always listening ...
As always, the most popular drummers are changing the trend. The manufacturers, who have not ceased to listen to them since the birth of this instrument, have in fact always tried to meet the demands of their foals, by adapting primarily to the musical styles they interpreted. After an evolution spread over a hundred years, it is still true today! The drums have undergone remarkable changes, but the current drummers' game has never been so geared towards speed and virtuosity, with hip hop and variety productions filtering certain frequencies right away, to keep than the essential. Nobody could respond better than Zildjian to this new requirement that spawned the K Custom Special Dry.

Fine and fast like lightning!

The purpose of these cymbals look rather dark and not too bulging, is to cash each shot given by technical monsters, the nerve strike, flexible and very fast. Each diameter must be in a phrase where the note length is not really appropriate. As much as a jazzman will be in need of complexity and a long sound halo, as this new generation of drummers favors a drought and a precision practically already filtered and equalized.

A compromise perfectly mastered!

It is obvious that the K Custom are among the best cymbals on the market, and their prices attest to hundreds of hours of research in the brand's sound laboratory. With this extremely hammered surface and a proven finesse, the designers have arrived at the production of dream instruments. Cymbals both precise, not too powerful and "dirty" just right. They stick exactly to the game of these drummers with very ample and muscular gestures. As is often the case with Zildjian, this series is a no-fault, and if you're aiming for a game based on "chops", or even simply dry sounds and short, modern and still focused on the legacy of the past, this type of Very identifiable UFO is simply cut for you.

Zildjian is proud to announce the arrival of new "Special Dry" series, a new "voice", of great musicality, for our famous K 'Custom range.

The innovative three-step hammering process, the special shape, and the extra light weight give the cymbals a very fast and precise attack, while stopping quickly (very short decay) with just enough sustain.

The dark and dirty sound, combined with the raw look of the cymbal, make the new K Special Dry almost the "Holy Grail" that drummers and drummers want today.

• Made of 80/20 bronze alloy made in Zildjian
• Bottom of the fully machined cymbal and natural and raw top
• Wide choice of models
• Produces a dry, funky sound that seamlessly integrates with modern musical styles and trends
• Larger cymbals allow drummers to have a heavier sound with trashy harmonics
• The "HH Top FX" features a unique hole process that emulates a "filtered" sound
• The Special Dry Trash Crashes and Trash China create a unique "white noise" sound for live performances and very precise accents
• Ideal for studio recordings and Live
• Made in the United States.

Category: crash
Type: special dry
Material: bronze
Cymbal diameter: 19.00

Thickness: Thin
Hammering: yes
Sound: dark / medium
Finish: natural
Brand reference number:PZI K1422
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