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The history of dunlop

In 1965, Jim Dunlop Senior founded the little californian family enterprise and became for the moment famous because of his guitar accessory like his famous Cadopaster. But it seems like the Dunlop have a great business talent. That's why they enmarge their catalogue over the years with a lot of other accessory like the mysterious mediator which is like an tortoiseshell but produced with plastic named Tortex. Jim Dunlop noticed fast, at the beginnings of the 60s, that the selection of mediators is really low, they were either soft or really hard! Thats why he invented not only a variation concerning the the thickness, but he gave them also a new original design. And then a famous jazz musician said in an interview that he have his mediator to thank for his guitar-playing: the success of the little enterprise cannot be stopped. Although Jim Dunlop said no to the question if you need such a mediator to play really good, the reputation of this band is created and Dunlop4s mediators become essential for every recognized guitarist. When Vox/Thomas Organ named thei first wah wah pedal softly "Cry Baby", they don't see the necessity to patent it. A lot of enterprises took also this name immediately, like Jen in Italy. When this wah wah fashion fizzled out at the end of the 70s, Jim Dunlop patented the designation and secured himself a vintage name whose symbol still burns until today.But the business is not closed yet and the enterprise bought over the years Dallas Arbiter, Rockman, Fasel, MXR und Way Huge. With an extremely agressive sales policy and an effective marketing strategy owing to strictly selected musicians, Dunlop Manufacturing is until today a synonym for the wah wah pedal by the very intelligent variation of the original "Cry Baby".