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The history of icon

Icon enjoyed a lucrative 20 year history of distributing media content (movies), professional audio, installation and studio products throughout Hong Kong and China. After establishing itself as a dominating distribution company in the region, founder Joe Wong decided to venture into manufacturing stage and studio products for the world market. Icon Global Corporation was born.

Since the year 1999, substantial investments have been made in engineering, product development, infrastructure, and manufacturing facilities. Having established world class research, development and manufacturing facility, Icon Global Corporation wanted to expend into creating market appropriate products and developing a worldwide brand. To achieve those lofty goals, a strategic partnership was formed with Icon Digital Corporation, a U.S. firm founded by Steve Cohan, an industry veteran. Several years in the making, the U.S. operation has successfully developed and now manages worldwide distribution from their office in Middleton, Wisconsin U.S.A. In addition to manufacturing hundreds of unique professional audio products, Icon’s wholly owned and operated facilities in Hong Kong and Guangzhou, China serve as home to the overall operation and primary development activities.

The future looks bright. Thanks to a unique international development team, industry leading products ranging from microphones, processors, midi controllers, monitors and a myriad of accessories for the studio, stage and P.A. markets continue to grow by 10-15 exciting, new and useful products each year. Product ideas stimulated by musicians, engineers and enthusiasts are brought to reality through a unique R&D effort involving in-house engineers in U.S. and Asia as well outside specialists, regardless of location. Icon’s research and development moto: “if goods are to be used in every corner of the world they should be developed there…by the people that use them”.